06 Jul 2022

Enhanced Precautionary Measures for Residential and Community-based Facilities Amid COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)
(This advisory summarises all relevant measures from all COVID-19-related advisories issued by MSF to date. Further changes from the advisory disseminated on 9 May 2022 are highlighted in yellow.)


Since 26 April 2022, we have implemented adjustments to our SMM measures below, including measures within the SMM 1-5 Framework (namely (i) group sizes; (ii) mask-wearing; (iii) workplace requirements; (iv) safe distancing; and (v) capacity limits). For details, see MOH’s press release at this link.

2. From 7 July 2022, in view of the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the community, we will tighten the SMMs for in-person visitors to Cat 1A Institutional Elderly Homes1 for a period of four weeks from 7 July to 3 August 2022 (both dates inclusive). This will help to reduce footfall within Homes, reduce potential surges in COVID-19 cases amongst residents and staff, and protect vulnerable residents during this period. Refer to Table 1 for the full set of guidelines.

Restriction of visitors allowed in Category 1 Homes/Centres
For Category 1A Institutional Elderly Homes (from 7 Jul to 3 Aug 2022 – both dates inclusive):
 In-person visitations are subject to these SMMs:

  • Pre-visit testing: Visitors are encouraged to self-test ART negative on the day of visit prior to arrival. Homes should check with visitors if they have any ARI symptoms or have had exposure to COVID-19 positive persons. For persons with recent exposure, homes should allow entry only if they can show proof of their ART negative result taken on the same day.

  • Scheduling of visits: Visitors should schedule their visits with the Home ahead of time.

  • No. of designated visitors: Four pre-designated visitors allowed per resident (previously no cap in the number of pre-designated visitors).

  • Visitors allowed per visit: One pre-designated visitor allowed per visit (previously two pre-designated visitors allowed per visit). To protect their unvaccinated residents, Homes have the flexibility to place further restrictions on the number of visitors to these residents.

  • Duration of visit: Each visit capped at 30 minutes (previously capped at 1 hour).

  • Cap on number of visitors: There is no limit on the number of visitors per facility per day. Homes are allowed the flexibility to manage the number of visitors to prevent crowding based on the availability of appointment slots per day.

  • Visitor areas: Homes should minimise visitors entering ward areas. As far as possible, Homes are to confine visits to designated visitor areas outside of the wards that are well-ventilated and ensure that visitor areas are cleaned between each visit session

  • Homes can continue to exercise discretion on visit duration and number of visitors for exceptional cases beyond those who are critically ill, such as for residents whose psychosocial well-being is at risk, whose conditions are declining but are not yet critically ill, or whose family relationships are at risk of deterioration.

  • Homes may also impose stricter visitor limits (e.g additional testing requirements) to protect unvaccinated residents.

  • Homes should not allow visits if they are managing an active COVID-19 cluster (i.e. 10 or more COVID-19 cases).

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