We have received official advisories on COVID-19 measures:

1) In-person visits for fully vaccinated persons (i.e. with the resident and visitor must be fully vaccinated). 

2) All visitors must produce a verifiable, negative ART result obtained within 24 hours before visiting.

3) Up to 4 visitors per resident may be pre-designated, with only one pre-designated visitor allowed to enter the Home at any one time with precautions in place:

  •  Visits are to be scheduled in advance;

  • ​ Visitors must wear masks at all times during the duration of the visit and adhere to safe  management measures (e.g. maintain 1 metre distance from resident, enforce hand hygiene  protocols before entering and leaving the visitation area​);

  •  Visit duration shall be limited to 30 minutes or less in designated areas.

All other SASCO centres shall continue operations as usual but with the heightened measures accordingly.
Together, we will keep our Seniors, Staff and Community safe.

Enhanced Precautionary Measures for Residential and Community-based Facilities Amid COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)

(This advisory summarises all relevant measures from all COVID-19-related advisories issued by MSF to date.)

1. On 16 February 2022, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) announced the streamlining of Safe Management Measures (SMMs) to five key parameters (SMM 1 – 5), namely: (i) group sizes; (ii) mask-wearing; (iii) workplace requirements; (iv) safe distancing; and (v) capacity limits.

2. Thanks to the collective efforts of everyone in Singapore, the daily local case numbers and the number of COVID-19 related hospitalisations have declined steadily. While the workload of our healthcare workers remains high with the increase in non-COVID-19 admissions, our overall conditions have improved significantly. We are now in a position to make a significant move to ease our community SMMs and make further progress towards living with COVID-19.

3. As the local situation has improved considerably, we will ease the community SMMs below along the five key parameters from 29 March 2022 (unless otherwise specified). For details, see MOH’s press release at this link.