Be Our Volunteer

Sheltered Home and Day Care Centres

Volunteer in Befriending
Bring joy to the seniors by joining them for activities like colouring, playing table games and accompanying them.


  • 16 years old and above

  • Ideally bilingual in English and another local language and/or local dialects

  • Mature and responsible

  • For 1 hour weekly on any weekdays

Volunteer in Pet Therapy
Pets are some of the best friends humans can get. We welcome you and your friendly pets to visit our sheltered home and bring joy to our seniors.


  • Able to bring a friendly pet(s) that does not shed too much fur

  • Pet should be disease-free

  • Pet should be friendly and have no known aggression issues (both with humans and with other animals)

  • At least once a month, for 1 hour per session

Volunteer with Your Special Skills
We are looking for individuals who are specialized in skilled fields, such as photographers, hairdressers, artists/painters, teachers, and other professionals to volunteer their skills in our events and programmes.


  • Have a passion to serve seniors

  • Patient and understanding

  • Ideally bilingual in English and another local language and/or local dialects

  • Fortnightly commitment for recurrent programme volunteers (e.g. haircutting, nail care, IT classes, etc), for at least 1 hour per session

  • Ad-hoc / needs-based for events volunteers

​Volunteer in Outings & Excursions
Join our seniors for outdoor activities and lend them a helping hand!


  • 17 years old and above

  • Able to manage assisting wheelchair-bound seniors

  • Befriend seniors and keep a look out for their needs and safety

  • Meals and entrance fees to attractions (if applicable) will be covered by our organization or sponsors. 

Volunteer at Our Senior Activity Centres (SACs)


Our Senior Activity Centres are looking for the following volunteers:

  • Individuals with specialized skills to hold lessons for seniors and the public

  • Cleaners to help maintain cleanliness of the SACs


  • At least 16 years old

  • Have a passion to serve the seniors and community

  • Have a teachable skill to impart (e.g. Baking, Language, Cooking, Art, IT, etc) 

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